The horror of the first date.


You've flirted, you've text and now it’s time for the first date! Eeek. What is it about first dates that bring out the gawky teenager in us? We have MOST things under control, except of course during the Sunday Fear, but now we’re acting like we don’t know how to socialise in public. Let’s be fair though, there’s so much to stress out about!

The Preparation
Tan: To tan or not to tan. Will he be seeing more than my face and arms? Do I WANT him to see more than my face and arms? What if it’s streaky or patchy or stripy or… That’s it, I’m cancelling.

Hair: Why won’t my hair sit right? I definitely used shampoo, not toilet cleaner, didn't I? That’s it, I’m cancelling.

Outfit: Why does this outfit make me look like Great-Aunt Margo? It looked banging last week. That’s it, I’m cancelling.

The Location
Coffee Shop: A first date over coffee feels like an interview. Why did he pick a cafe, for the love of God! I’ll just sit there watching his mocha moustache dance while he talks.

Bar: Oh fantastic, I won’t be able to hear a word he says and after five G&T’s, I’ll be doing my Alf Stewart impression.

Restaurant: Eating, for over an hour, in front of a perfect stranger. Abort, abort!

The 'His Place or Yours' dilemma
Hmmm, I wonder will I want to go to his? What if I want to, but he doesn’t suggest it. Oooh, can’t wait for that awkward chat at the end when we decide whether we’re going to call it a night or not! Why the HELL can’t relationships start on the tenth date.

Basically, you can’t win. No matter how much effort you put into your hair and make-up, you'll be certain there's room for improvement and admit it, any venue is going to tie you in knots. But just remember, if you survive the first date, then every subsequent one will be plain sailing. You have so much MORE to talk about once the first date horror has passed. And the cutest thing? You'll soon learn he was just as stressed out as you! Awwww.