The guy who lost his PHD in a taxi has found it thanks to JK Rowling


The story of Jamal Sur and his missing PHD research went viral this week after JK Rowling tweeted his plea for help, asking the Irish public for assistance in locating the missing work. 

The author took to Twitter to share Jamal's plight, saying 'One of my worst nightmares has happened to this poor man. RT to help!' 

Since the tweet went viral Jamal has been reunited with his bag, laptop and PHD work which he left in the back of a taxi on a night out. 

The taxi driver’s wife Sharon actually saw JK Rowling’s tweet and realised that she had his bag at her house.

She tracked Jamal down via social media thanks to the tweet by the Harry Potter author, she told Newstalk.

Sharon said that the couple had been trying to track down the student but were having no luck.

We're just so glad that Jamal has been reunited with his work!