It’s back! The famous Cheese Advent Calendar has returned

Cheese lovers rejoice! The famed Ilchester Cheese Advent Calendar is returning to supermarkets across the world from the start of November.

This beloved calendar was first invented by a British food blogger, Annem Hobson. After creating a handmade prototype in 2016, Annem launched a campaign to get these savoury calendars in the shops.

After then being met with an overwhelming 11,000 signatures, it was a no-brainer — this calendar had to be made. 

Since its first year, the Cheese Advent Calendars have gained quite a fan-base, far exceeding anyone’s expectations, and even outselling mainstream chocolate calendars at major retailers.


“I’m thrilled to launch a new and improved version of the Cheese Advent Calendar based on feedback from the loyal cheese-loving community!” Hobson noted on her blog, So Wrong It’s Nom.

“This season’s mouth-watering selection includes five NEW cheeses including vintage, aged, PDO (protected designation of origin), Double Gloucester and even Sage Derby from the Ilchester cheese range,” she added.

This year’s Cheese Advent Calendar includes 24 doors, which contain a total of nine different cheese varieties, including; Applewood, Applewood Vintage PDO Aged for 12 months, Ilchester Derby with Sage, Ilchester Mature Cheddar, Ilchester Vintage PDO Cheddar, Ilchester Double Gloucester, Ilchester Red Leicester, Ilchester Aged Red Leicester and Mexicana.


Last year the calendars went on sale for €8.99 in various supermarkets across the UK, Ireland and the rest of the world on October 28. However, as it stands, we still don’t have a confirmed launch date for 2020.

As for the UK, Annem has confirmed that the beloved cheese calendars will be sold in Sainsbury’s, Lidl, Morrisons, Waitrose, Ocado and Booths. The calendars are also to appear across the seas, in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and various countries throughout Europe.

If you’re eager to beat the crowds and secure your purchase, then the calendars are also available from, for a substantially marked-up price of £21.98.