The eight most clichéd Instagram poses of all time!

If you're a fan of some light celebrity stalking from time to time (i.e. every spare moment), then Instagram is no doubt your mecca. How else would you know what your favourite celebs are doing and eating every moment of the day?

But when it comes to Instagram poses, a simple smile is never enough – and there are some standard go-to poses you'll definitely spot over and over in your feed.

Here are eight of the biggest clichéd poses and photos…

1. The “I have an adorable pet, therefore I am adorable” selfie
Miley Cyrus alone does not equal cute. Miley Cyrus plus a husky puppy DEFINITELY equals cute.


2. The “don’t mind me, I’m just sleeping” selfie
Then how in God’s name are you operating the camera, Katy Perry?!


3. The “HOW SEXY AM I?” duck face
Well at least Kim didn’t crop little North West out of this snap…


4.  The “just being casual… and yet so sexy” sparrow face
The evolved version of the duck face, the sparrow face involves sliiightly parting your lips while pouting. For tips, just follow Kylie Jenner on Instagram. She’s all about the sparrow face.


5. The “oh, you caught me off guard” hand-in-hair pose
If you want a super-posed photo to look like it is in fact not posed at all, just throw your hand in your hair á la Jourdan Dunn.


6. The “slightly off balance” crossed leg and head tilt
Favoured by fashion bloggers and reality stars.


7. The “yes, I do work out, how did you know?” selfie
Either taken at the gym or at home in workout clothes. Sweat is okay, a red face is NOT. Ellie Goulding is positively glowing in this snap:


8. The “I love my life” candid laugh
Laughing at something off camera is Instagram code for “my life is amazing, it’s far better than yours, soz.”