The 8 types of people you meet while shopping


There are a whole variety of characters you might meet on any given day in the shops. Most of them are not so fun.

Here are the 8 types of people you meet while shopping… we're sure you can relate. 

1. The awkward boyfriend
Standing uncomfortably beside his girlfriend while she bra shops.

2. The slow walkers
Excuse me lady, Penneys isn't going to destroy itself.

3. The woman with the buggy in front of you during the River Island sale
Why today? Why now? Why me?

4. The not-so-innocent old lady
I know you're elderly but this is the last size ten so I'll fight to the grave. 

5. The person texting in front of you
You can't tell you're annoying me but you really are. 

6. The unsure mother
You have seven seconds to decide whether or not you're going to purchase that for your daughter because if not, coral looks great on me. 

7. The person who complains about you for no reason
We're clothes shopping, it's all about competition and possible violence…

8. The gathering of the size threes
All shoes are reduced and the only ones left are size three. Let the games begin…