The 21 most annoying things our parents do


1. They don’t get technology

“Will you help me turn on the telly?” “How do you turn on this bloody computer?”


2. They don’t get why we are constantly on our phones

“What are you doing on that thing all day? Do you have nothing better to be doing?”


3. They shout across the supermarket at you

“Will you pick up two packs of the yoghurt I like there? And, not the one that makes you sick? We don’t want a repeat of last time.”


4. They say embarrassing things to you in clothes shops

“Sarah, have a look at these? Ohhh that’s lovely on you! Are you sure about the size? You’re way bigger than that. Oh would you stop NO ONE IS LOOKING AT YOU!”


5. The music we listen to is a “racket”

“Why don’t the songs have words? Why do you listen to this filth? What did he just say?”


6. They repeatedly add you as a friend on “the face book” and we politely decline every time

They are persistent, we will give them that, but if I haven’t accepted you this time, I probably never will.


7. Trying to be our best friend

“Let’s do something just us two today – yeah – maybe go to the supermarket? Or to your granny’s house? What do you reckon?”

fake laugh

8. Constantly asking us if we’re seeing “someone special”

“Soooo, who are you always texting? Must be someone special. Who is it? Come on. You have to tell me now.”


9. Banning swearing

“Look at me. LOOK AT ME. You cannot use that language in this feckin’ house. You hear me?”


10. They make you babysit

“You never told me you had plans to go out. (I did). I need you to babysit so don’t think that you are swanning off tonight. Your babysitting tonight and that’s final. Do you hear me?”


11. Lecturing us about getting too drunk

“Who in God’s name do you think you are drinking so much? Look at the state of you! You march up those stairs now! And, yes I will wake you up at 9am to study? Yes, that’s right 9am!”


12. They always think you have an attitude

“Why are you in such bad form? Are you tired? You have an awful attitude today! Do not take it out on me.”


13. They lie

“If you don’t stop fighting I swear to God I will turn this car around so fast your head will spin off.”


14. “Because I said so…”


15. They make something out of nothing

“Your pale..oh jesus we better get you to the doctor…that’s not quick enough call the ambulance. CALL THE AMBULANCE.”


16. When they have a surprise for you it isn’t a surprise really

How much weight Mrs. Maguire has put on is really not a ‘surprise’ for us. We thought we would be getting Chinese takeaway for dinner.


17. “Did you clean your room?”

Considering you just went up to our room, saw if it was clean and came down and asked us, you know well it isn’t clean.


18. Comparing you to your siblings or cousins

“Why can’t you be more like Paul? He’s top of his class and already has a job for next year. What do you have?”


19. The third degree when you say you are going out

“Where are you off to? When will you be home? Who are you going out with?”


20. They sing all day long

“I just love Gareth Brooks. Did you know he had 5 extra dates added? Mind you I am not surprised.”


21. They hate our clothes

“You are not going out in that. Where is your coat? You’ll perish!”


Although they may drive us mad, we still love them to pieces! If they didn’t care about this stuff then who would?!

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