The 10 foods you need in your fridge when trying to lose weight

If you’re adopting a healthier lifestyle that you can actually stick with, then your fridge is going to need something of a makeover. The easiest way to avoid falling off the wagon and overindulging is to simply not have any of the less healthy options on hand when you’re looking for a snack.

Here are some of the best options to have on hand if you’re looking to make some healthy foodie swaps:


Chop up some of your favourites and pair them with a healthy dip, like hummus, so you won’t be left hungry again.


Plain water can get a little boring, but hydration is important, so keep some lemon slices on hand, or any other chopped up fruits you fancy.

Ready-to-eat protein

If you’re prepared then you won’t be tempted to tuck into a frozen pizza or opt for a cheeky takeaway.


A healthy snack options when you’re on the go.

Nut butters

Have you tried almond butter yet? You need to, it’s very important.


Preparing some hard-boiled eggs means you won’t be stuck for a high protein breakfast tomorrow morning. Or you can try these make-ahead egg muffins if you need some variety in your life.


A high protein option that you can use in wraps or as a salad dressing as well as using as a dip with your favourite veggies.


The easiest way to add nutrients to almost any meal.

Almond milk

A handy dairy substitute with lower fat that can be used as a replacement for ordinary milk in countless recipes with ease.

Greek yoghurt

Swap ice-cream based treats for Greek yoghurt with honey and fruit if you’re feeling a sweet craving coming on.