The 10 biggest TV moments in 2014


2014 has been a MAJOR year for television. With amazing series like Orange Is The New Black, American Horror Story and True Detective to homegrown shows like Love/Hate and The Late Late Show – we take a look at the biggest moments in TV from this year. 

1. Love/Hate season finale
We hid behind the sofa for this one – and we've seen Twitter so we know all of you did too! What will become of King Nidge? We'll have to wait until 2016 – nooooo!

2. How I Met Your Mother finale
It all ended this year after almost ten years on our screen. And boy did it go out with a bang! Fans were less than impressed by the final scenes and there has even been alternatives made just to calm the nerves. Which was your preferred ending?

3. Game of Thrones purple wedding
The whole world breathed a sigh of relief – though it didn't have a patch on 2013's epic red wedding. Now that we will never recover from.

4. Miley gets serious side-eye from Katy Perry at the VMA's
Pretty justified to be fair…

5. True Detective obsession
The whole world became addicted to True Detective this year and Matthew McConaughey's role as Rustin Cohle became a thing of legend. 

6. Blue Ivy officially made the cutest Vine of all time
And her proud dad makes it even sweeter!

7. Benedict Cumberbatch tried to say the word 'penguin'
And failed, adorably

8. One word: #bingate
The Great British Bake Off caused pandemonium on Twitter this year after an episode about a baked alaska…

9. Adele Dazeem
Seriously, does this EVER get old?

10. Orange Is The New Black binge
ALL of the second season gets uploaded at the same time?! Not too shabby, Netflix.