Tennis officials ban Serena’s catsuit and fans are outraged by the move

Serena Williams conquered the court in her gorgeous catsuit at the 2018 French Open in June.

However, some people seemed to disagree with the tennis star’s fashion choices.

French tennis officials have announced they will be implementing a new dress code, one that specifically bans Serena’s all-black bodysuit from the court.

In a recent interview with Tennis Magazine, French Tennis Federation President Bernard Giudicelli reportedly announced the regulation of player’s dress.

“I think that sometimes we've gone too far,'' he said.

Bernard continued on, specifically pointing out Serena’s spandex catsuit, saying: “It will no longer be accepted. One must respect the game and the place.''

The Tennis Federation president reassured athletes that Roland Garros' new rules will be nowhere near as strict as Wimbledon’s dress code, but tennis officials will be reviewing all outfit choices ahead of time for next year.

Fans are outraged at the recently announced restrictions and have flooded social media with condemning comments.

Allegations of sexism and racism have been spouted at the tennis association.

One Twitter user ranted: “What are the actual rules on 'acceptable outfits'? How much of this statement is racially motivated?  What’s about Anne’s white catsuit during Wimbledon?”

This year also marks the mum’s first return to the US Open since having her baby girl Olympia. 

Serena previously gushed that her stunning catsuit helped fuel her confidence for her return to the tennis world, making her feel like a superhero.

“I feel like a warrior in it, a warrior princess … from Wakanda, maybe,” she told The Guardian.

Photo Credit: Twitter/@olusola_MOG