Teenage relationships- How they worked in five easy steps


No matter where you grew up, the vast majority of teenage relationships played out in much the same way. Whether you were the object of someone's affection, the loyal matchmaker or the enthusiastic wing woman, everyone in the crew had a role to play, but that didn't mean the relationship was built for the long haul.

Sometime we were lucky if they lasted a lunch-time.

The rumours
You heard rumblings that Darren from the year above was seriously impressed by your Billabong school bag and your Cheryl-inspired dye job. So what do you do? You loiter in the vicinity of his classroom, pretending not to notice him for anything up to a month. How do you even know his timetable? Because you’re slick like a fox, that’s how.

The texting
You’re not the only slick one in this whole operation though. Darren has cornered Ryan, who’s shuffled up to Anna, who tries and fails to be cool before excitedly passing on your digits. Two days of awkward, confusing texting follows. You think you're being mature and mysterious, he thinks you're being weird and maybe a little drunk.

The courting
In the majority of cases, teenage relationships started out with a few test drives, before a final decision was announced. These test drives, as we all know, came in the form of ‘shifting’ or ‘meeting’ sessions. This was where you and YOUR crew rocked up to the local green where him and HIS crew were waiting.

The kissing
After a few minutes of awkward chit-chat, the potential lovebirds would amble off for a bit of privacy behind the electricity generator, leaving Deano and Enda to beat each other up while Michelle, Sarah and Orla feigned disgust, but fancied them HARD.

The relationship
Once it had been decided that these sessions had gone well and you were officially ‘with’ each other, the next step was many, many awkward encounters in the classroom and lunch hall. Would it be better to just ignore each other? Probably. Let’s do that. Oh no, don't give your enthusiastic band of little matchmakers a second thought! They'll be fine! Jeez.