Taylor Swift’s influence on dating: from Swifties to Swiftfishing

It’s been a long time coming… After months of social media hype, headphones blasting, and sheer excitement, the most anticipated tour of the year has finally hit Ireland and popular dating app, Bumble too.

With Taylor’s reach extending to the dating scene, fans are finding new ways to connect. Timed with the Eras Tour picking up across Europe, Bumble observed a 655% increase in the number of people in Ireland with Taylor Swift as one of their Spotify “Top Artists”. Whether it's through Bumble’s Spotify Top Artist feature, which helps users spot fellow Swifties, or just the shared excitement of her tour, it’s clear: Taylor Swift is becoming a compatibility test in her own right.

But: does Swiftie = Dates?

The rise of Swiftfishing suggests otherwise. Dr Caroline West, Bumble’s Sex & Relationships Expert, explains: “Swiftfishing is when individuals feign interest to attract fans, often without genuine appreciation for Taylor’s music. While it might seem harmless, it can undermine genuine connections.”

The viral #DatingASwiftieIsLike (32.5M+ views) trend features fan case studies commenting on how when dating, references to Taylor on profiles are actually a turn-off. Spotting a Swiftfish isn’t too hard, Dr West adds, “Superficial engagement and a lack of in-depth knowledge are tell-tale signs. True Swifties have an authentic and enthusiastic connection to her work that’s hard to fake.”

In this environment, it’s unsurprising why genuine fans may sometimes hesitate to highlight their fandom. Dr West continues, “Sharing your love for Taylor and her music can indicate emotional intelligence, open-mindedness, and loyalty—traits invaluable in a partner. Being a Swiftie can reflect a deeper connection to themes of love and self-discovery, enhancing emotional bonds.”

The key to meaningful relationships? Authenticity. Dr West advises, “Embrace your passions openly and seek partners who genuinely share your interests. This year, over a third of people on Bumble in Ireland are more intentional about what they want in romance and dating. Ultimately, being true to yourself will attract those who appreciate you for who you are. Bumble has hundreds of Interest Badges which you can add to your profile to let potential matches know what you value most – whether that’s Taylor Swift or not.”