Taylor Swift makes heart-breaking confession


Poor Taylor Swift.

She’s had a rough old time of it in the press, thanks to her turbulent romantic life, and it seems like all the unwanted attention has taken its toll on her.

Speaking after the launch of her new album, the Shake It Off singer said that she’s been taking a break from dating in a bid to avoid a media bashing.

“I get stressed when I think about getting into a relationship because I get beat up in the press whenever I go near a boy,” said the singer.

“So that’s why Shake It Off is a cheeky play of the character of me that has been written in the press. It’s this complex mess of a girl who can get all of these guys but scares them because she is just very clingy and needy and mercurial and unpredictable,” she added.

Taylor’s romantic life has come under the spotlight once again with the release of her new album, featuring the track Out of the Woods, supposedly written about ex-boyfriend Harry Styles.

Let's hope this is the end of beart-break for her.