Taylor Swift flies 2,524 miles for a second date with music man


Taylor spent a lot of time telling us she was on a break from relationships during promotion for her latest album, but even the best of intentions can’t stop a romantic from falling in love.

Heatworld is reporting that the pop star flew 2,524 miles to see none other than Calvin Harris, who she was spotted getting intimate with at the Brit Awards last month.

The DJ sent a private jet to collect Taylor and bring her to see him in Las Vegas where he was playing a gig. He even flew in her current BFFs Selena Gomez, Ellie Goulding and the Haim girls, so she’d have some fun while he performed – eh, perfect boyfriend material?

Journalists reported seeing the pair get cosy at the Brit Awards and Taylor was even rumoured to be the reason Calvin ended his relationship with model Aarika Wolf.

Considering the number of scathing songs she's written about boyfriend-stealing women, we really hope Taylor didn’t actively pursue Calvin while he was in a relationship.

But despite the odd pairing, we’re glad to see Taylor loved up again.