Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are BFFs again? We’re not so sure…

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris had a pretty nasty split at the start of this Summer.

Not only did the singer RUSH into a new relationship with Tom Hiddleston (we're still a tad confused with that one), but Tay also outed Calvin on Twitter, telling the world that she was the one that wrote his hit song This Is What You Came For.

It was pretty bad, so that's why we're super surprised to hear that they've kissed and made up! As friends, that is.

According to TMZ, when Taylor split with Tom, Calvin and his former lover started texting again in order to clear the air.

Apparently, they're now back to being besties… but we're not so sure.

We all know how hard it is to be friends with someone after a break-up AND it ended pretty badly, so those ill-feelings will be difficult to get past too.

For the sake of friendship, we hope they're on good terms… but as we've learned from past events, Taylor is the Queen of Cover-ups *cough, cough… Kanye*.