Taxidermy as a fashion accessory?


We’re all for having a unique style but, is wearing taxidermy as a fashion piece taking it a bit too far?

But that’s what one taxidermist from London is doing, as she has now created her own range of animal corpse fascinators.

Margot Magpie originally created the fashion pieces as a hobby, but soon changed into a successful business and can now easily sell a taxidermy fascinator for £60 a piece.

The pieces are commissioned by Margot’s clients and are worn popularly to weddings. Even though what originally is behind the fascinators can be seen as strange, the end result is stunning and chic.

“They ask me to make something for a wedding or events, or just for fun as I am very creative and I tend to use different techniques and materials' says Margot who adds that, for her, taxidermy was an obvious fashion choice.”

Margot’s business is such a success that she now even works on commission.

“Usually if I make a batch and put them online, they sell very very fast. However I have recently starting just taking commissions. It is more personalised and I think people enjoy experiencing the creative process with me i.e. choosing colours, fabric, and sourcing particular birds.”

Magpie has received some negative comments about her designs but says she doesn’t let them bother her as she doesn’t purposely kill the animal she uses for taxidermy.

“Sometimes I do get negative reactions, I get people telling me they think it is absolutely appalling, cruel or disrespectful. But I don't kill anything purposefully for taxidermy, so I don't have any issues with it. There will always be people who think it is distasteful or who are against it – but each to their own.”

What do you think? Would you wear some of Margot’s designs to a wedding?