Suicide shock for Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend


Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend and co-star of her now infamous sex tape, Ray J, made a frantic call to 911 yesterday after his girlfriend Princess Love threatened to commit suicide.

The couple had ended their relationship the previous day, but according to sources, Princess was struggling with the developments.

Commenting on her behaviour leading up to her cries for help, insiders said: “She was incessantly texting him after he left for work today and when she didn’t hear what she wanted from him she threatened suicide.”

Ray J, who initiated the split, was horrified by her remarks and immediately called the police. The 33-year-old singer-songwriter and former flame of Whitney Houston told the dispatcher that there were guns in the house, so he was understandably panicked that help wouldn’t reach Princess in time.

The police arrived at the home to find it empty, but thankfully Ray J has spoken with his ex-girlfriend who insists “she will not go through with her threat.”

This has been a massively difficult time for the couple who also had to deal with the news of their friend’s apparent murder-suicide this week.

We hope Ray J and Princess seek the help they need at this time.