Stop everything: wine before bed actually helps you to LOSE weight

Here in SHEmazing Towers we're big fans of no-nonsense weight-loss. And in our books that means shedding the excess pounds of winter without scrapping our three-a-day Maltesers bunny habit. 

Now another weight-loss tip that's right up our street has come to our attention: namely that drinking WINE before bed can keep you slim.


We have Washington State University and Harvard to thank for such an invaluable contribution to health science – they found that a chemical called resveratrol stops your body's fat cells gaining more fat, therefore helping you stay slim. 

And where is this wonder chemical found? That's right – in WINE!

According to scientists, drinking at least two glasses – aka a half a bottle – can help beat obesity by some 70 percent. 

But wait.. there's more: the University Of Denmark found that people who drank everyday had slimmer waistlines compared to their sober counterparts, while Harvard’s weight gain study of 20,000 people revealed that out of all of those that gained a large amount of weight, none of them were drinkers. 

Happy Friday, folks!