Start-up promises to help you buy clothes that fit


There’s nothing we like better than to while away a few hours by scouring our favourite online shops. But whenever we go to buy anything there’s always the niggling fear that it just won’t fit right. Well, Clothes Horse aims to put an end to our dilemma. They’ve invented a system that will help you find the perfect fit online.

You’ll be asked some basic details about your size, as well as some quick questions about clothes you already own and how they fit, and then they will use this information to determine what size you should get in a specific item.

They’re also planning on going one step further and giving you information on how the item will fit. CEO and cofounder David Whittemore said: “Now, if it’s a loose skirt, we’re going to say that. We discovered that that’s really what gives the shopper the confidence to move forward.”

We definitely like the sound of this – though it may not do our bank balance any favours!