Star struggling with horrifying stalker ordeal


Springbreakers star Vanessa Hudgens has been awarded a restraining order against a man who has been stalking and harassing her.

The twenty-five-year-old actress has been the victim of numerous emails from an individual named Junior Kabongo, who makes no secret of his desire to begin a relationship with the young actress. Kabongo has repeatedly contacted Vanessa declaring his love and intention to marry the star.

He even claimed that he planned to leave his native Africa in a bid to track her down and shockingly, was spotted on two different occasions earlier this month searching for the actress’s home on the street on which she lives in Los Angeles.

That latest shocking development, along with emails which have reportedly become more graphic and frightening, led Vanessa to seek legal advice.

Luckily, an L.A judge has deemed the man's behaviour obsessive and dangerous and ordered him to stay at least one hundred yards away from Vanessa, her boyfriend and her sister at all times.

We hope the former High School Musical star can move on from the terrifying ordeal.