Star addresses health fears after cancelling shows


She is renowned as being one of the most dedicated singers out there, so fans were left both worried and surprised when Jessie J announced this week that she was cancelling her Australian tour.

Her announcement was followed by claims that she was forced to pull out of the scheduled shows over her pre-existing heart condition, Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome.

A source claimed that the condition, which can leave the sufferer short of breath and with a fast and irregular heartbeat, was threatening the Do It Like A Dude singer's ability to sing live, with a publication even quoting her as saying that she may have to lip sync to stay well.

In the midst of the reports, however, Jessie has spoken out to assure her fans that she will not be lip syncing any time soon.

In a lengthy Instagram post, the 26-year-old said: "I am ok. I'm feeling better. I was really unwell…I don't have to mime to hit my high notes on stage. Who believed it? 'Fess up! Made me laugh because it was so [stupid]."


Facts | Feelings | Random things I am ok | I'm feeling better | I was really unwell | I have slept a lot | I have watched every series of Homeland in bed | I'm addicted to tim tams | I still have a heart problem | Dun dun dun | Papers acting like I didn't know lol | Had it since I was born | But my heart is ok | My body is healing | I don't have to mime to hit my high notes on stage | Who believed it? Fess up! | Made me laugh because it was so choopid | Don't even know where they get these stories from | Maybe from Source and his best mate bullshit | anyway | My Mum flew to Australia to be with me | I love my Mum | She has cooked for me everyday | And held my hand whilst I've been in pain | Im sorry for all the fans I let down | I f***ing hate that my mind is stronger than my body sometimes | I didn't want to cancel shows but a doc told me I had to | I cried a lot | I had to listen | Thank you for all your well wishes | I need them | If I could hug every sick person right now I would | Rest and be well | Luke is the love of my life | I'm using these |'s because he uses them and I miss him | Off to bed | *Adlibs* | I just walked into a spider web…. | I want a Tim tam…

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She went on to apologise to all the fans she had let down over the decision, admitting that she had "cried a lot" over making the call.

We're glad to hear that she'll be banging out those high notes again very soon!