Sony exec has cringe run-in with “spoiled brat” Angelina


By now you will have heard about Sony’s cringe-worthy emails leak, in which co-chairperson Amy Pascal swapped insults about Angelina Jolie with producer Scott Rudin.

After learning how Angelina was described as a “spoiled brat with a rampaging ego”, we all told ourselves that we would give anything to be a fly on the wall at the next meeting between the Maleficent star and the authors of the insults.

Well, we didn’t have to wait too long, because the moment was captured on camera, and in very public fashion.

We can’t even imagine how much Amy Pascal was squirming when she bumped into Angelina at the Hollywood Reporter Women in Entertainment Power 100 Breakfast this week, particularly after copping a look at the actress’ expression.

It’s fair to say that Angelina has a face like thunder!

Pascal and Rudin’s comments were made in relation to a conflict over the filming of the Cleopatra and Steve Jobs films. According to the emails leaked and printed on Gawker, Jolie was unhappy that director David Fincher pulled out of the Cleopatra movie, in which she was supposed to star.

Saying that he didn’t want to waste time over the issue, Rudin wrote to Pascal: “I’m not destroying my career over a minimally talented spoiled brat who thought nothing of shoving this off her plate for eighteen months so she could go direct a movie.”

Ouch! Now, could someone send us a transcript to go with the above picture?