Some dope created vagina glue so blood can’t leak during your period

We were literally gagging while reading about this because it is so unbelievably ridiculous and pointless… not to mention disgusting.

Across the pond in Kansas, USA, a man, who has never experienced a period, thinks that glueing your vagina together is a good idea.

Why? So blood doesn't escape when you're on your period. 

This guy must think periods resemble a scene from The Walking Dead, because God forbid any blood leak. Gasp! Shock horror! Ugh…

According to Metro, chiropractor, Daniel Dopps, shared a post on Facebook explaining how this lipstick glue is a safer option if we want to control our periods…

A man has created a lipstick to glue vagina lips together so period blood can't escape anymore

Stating how "natural" it is, the Facebook post reads: "Mensez is a natural combination that is applied to the lips downunder during the period."

Another Facebook post about the lipstick tries to compare periods to hair in a shower drain.

"Humans like things to be in their place and when they are displaced we perceive it as gross, nasty and unhealthy. We all love our hair until it gets out of its place and in the shower drain.

It goes on… "Mensez ends period mind games, the blood stays secure inside where it should be." 

"You don't have to see it anymore and you certainly don't have to touch it anymore… Like a self-cleaning shower drain."

A self-cleaning shower drain. Great.

We think we'll stick to tampons, thanks (even if that does mean seeing blood… shocker).