Some BIG news for these famous BFFs


Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss have taken their BFF status to a whole new level by moving in together!

Victoria’s Secret model  Karlie has moved into Taylor’s lavish Beverly Hills home and the pair are said to have been completely inseparable ever since!

After all of Taylor’s heartbreak – of which 1D star Harry Styles has a little to answer for –  she really wants her bestie nearby for moral support.

The singer was also not keen on living by herself in her massive mansion and asked Karlie to move in and keep her company. Of course, the model jumped at the chance!

Taylor wasted no time in sharing her fondness for her new housemate with her fans, posting a birthday message for the model on her Instagram account saying, ‘Happy 22nd birthday to @karliekloss, who is made out of 100% sunshine.’

Aw, sweet!