So, we should really be wearing suncream when getting gel nails

So, if manicures are your go-to pay day treat, you'll know just how good a fresh set of gel nails can make you feel.

Not only do they look great, but they last for ages and the application process is incredibly simple.

However, it seems this little act of self-care doesn't come without some minor health risks.

Of course, at this stage we're all aware of the dangers of stepping outside sans suncream on a sweltering hot day, yet few of us realise that we are being exposed to those same UV rays when getting our nails done.

The Skin Cancer Foundation are speaking out in an effort to make people aware of the potential risks.

“Some nail lamps are called “UV” lamps, and some are called LED lamps, but both emit UV radiation. They predominantly produce UVA rays, which have been linked to both premature skin ageing and skin cancer,” says Elizabeth K Hale, Skin Cancer Foundation Senior Vice President.

However, she did note that the risks are far lower than those presented by the prolonged use of tanning beds.

“Even the most intense of these devices presents only a moderate UV risk – a far lower risk than that presented by UV tanning devices.”

But, if you do want to keep your hands looking young and fresh, simply smother your hands in factor 30+ at least 20 minutes before your manicure.