SO romantic – This Friends star is ENGAGED!


Courteney Cox surprised fans this morning by tweeting a photo of herself and Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid with the caption: “I’m engaged to him!”

Johnny also posted the same picture saying: “I’m engaged to her!”


Awh! Courteney was spotted out with a huge diamond last night and speculation was rising about whether or not they were actually engaged – we’re delighted it’s true!


The pair were on holiday in Amanyara in Turks and Caicos to celebrate Monica’s – sorry – COURTENEY’S 50th birthday. An eye witness saw the pair out together:

“It was very romantic and a beautiful setting. Courteney looked like there was nowhere else in the world she would rather be and just so happy to be doing what she was doing. Johnny was doting on her, rubbing her leg and passing her a cold towel when she got hot. They seem very happy together and totally in love.”

Courteney and Johnny were first spotted out together at Jennifer Aniston’s party in Bel Air, California, and Ed Sheeran revealed that it was actually him that introduced them!

“I wasn’t allowed to talk about this, actually, but it’s just gone public so… My housemate [McDaid] who I’ve lived with for a year, I introduced him to Courteney Cox. They started dating and [are] crazy about each other.

“I ended up spending a lot of time living in her beach house and therefore bumping into all these random people. We spent Thanksgiving eve at Jennifer Aniston’s before spending the day at Courteney’s.”

Wow, Ed is really hanging out with the right kind of people!