Ladies Day has gotten a MASSIVE overhaul and we are all over it!


When you think of Ladies Day at the races, what exactly comes to mind?

Hats big enough to camp under, ornate clutch bags that fit nothing but a lip gloss and sky-high heels made only for a car-to-bar totter? Oh yeah girls, us too.

While the tradition is longstanding and much-loved, there’s no doubt that it was definitely in need of a good shake-up which is why we’re PUMPED that Naas Racecourse have launched an alternative Ladies Day this year!

Taking place at the boutique racecourse on Sunday May 29th, us ladies have been told to make the most of the Fresh, Fun and Vibrant theme by ditching the old rules and showcasing our individuality, fun and flair.

Model, Daniella Moyles, and Irish fashion and accessories designer, Emma Manley, will be stepping up to the plate to judge on the day, and the winner of the best dressed will be awarded with a VIP Spa Stay for four in the Westgrove Hotel and a €1,000 shopping spree in the Whitewater Shopping Centre.

Runners-up on the day will enjoy spa packages and VIP race days at Naas Racecourse while a special prize will be awarded to a finalist who flew the flag for Ireland by wearing an Irish design on the day.  

Not too shabby, right?!

With free registration, and admission just €15 a pop, this is your chance to show the judges and fellow attendees what you’re all about in the alternative style-stakes!

Ladies, it’s go-time.