So Beyoncé and the girls did THIS last night!


If there was one thing we always hoped for, it was the reunion of our all time favourite girl band, and ladies, last night it happened.

Destiny's Child got it together for one night only and wowed audiences at the Stellar Gospel Music Awards this weekend!

For the first time since their Superbowl performance over two years ago, Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle did what they do best and nailed it on-stage in front of an awe-struck audience.

Reuniting on behalf of their gal Michelle, who won 'Video Music of The Year' at the acclaimed awards, the trio entertained crowds with gospel tunes, slamming moves and serious hair-flipping.

Going back to their style roots, the three girls even wore matching white outfits and gave incredibly powerful performances.

Lets face it, they never lost it.