Six-week-old baby dies in US after being diagnosed with Covid-19


A six-week-old baby has died after testing positive for Covid-19 in the US. The infant has become the youngest person to die from coronavirus in the world.

The harrowing news was confirmed by the Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont. He said: “It is with heartbreaking sadness today that we can confirm the first paediatric fatality in Connecticut linked to COVID19. A 6-week-old newborn from the Hartford area was brought unresponsive to a hospital late last week and could not be revived.”

He added: “Testing confirmed last night that the newborn was COVID-19 positive. This is absolutely heartbreaking. We believe this is one of the youngest lives lost anywhere due to complications relating to COVID-19.”

“This also stresses the importance of staying home and limiting exposure to other people. Your life and the lives of others could literally depend on it. Our prayers are with the family at this difficult time."

Governor Lamont is right. The death of this poor baby has proven that it is now more important than ever to stay at home. This virus has taken the lives of far too many people and we are only strengthening it by going outside. 

Staying at home is more important than ever before. We need to stay at home to help save lives. Our thoughts are with the parents of the six-week-old baby who was cruelly taken from the world far too soon. We can’t even begin to imagine just how devastated they are.