Singer reuniting with ex despite warnings from pals

After Katy Perry was spotted on a dinner date with John Mayer in LA last week, speculation has been rife that the couple might be rekindling their romance.

Now sources close to the star have confirmed that the pair are indeed back on. "Katy is giving John another chance because she feels like there could be something there," said an insider.

The pair first began dating in 2012 shortly after Katy's divorce from English comedian Russel Brand. Their on-off relationship lasted almost two years but the couple split in early 2014, after Katy allegedly caught John cheating on her with fitness instructor Lauren McHale. Ouch.

But the singer seems willing to put the past behind her, despite warnings from pals that she is moving too fast. "Although her friends have warned her to be careful, she is already ignoring all of the red flags. She is not listening to anyone and is going into this full force," said the source.

John apparently began pursuing Katy "relentlessly" late last year after discovering she was dating music producer Diplo. Seeing the new couple together drove John "crazy," the source revealed.

The reunited couple have been spotted together numerous times in recent days. As well as last week's dinner date, Katy and John were also reportedly spotted kissing and holding hands at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood over the weekend.

We hope John has learnt his lesson this time around!