Singer opens up about heartbreak of husband’s affair

Alesha Dixon has spoken about the painful moment she discovered her husband MC Harvey had been cheating on her.

The pair had been together for five years before marrying in 2005, but just one year on, Alesha discovered that Harvey had been having an affair with singer Javine.

Alesha opened up during an appearance on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, which airs tonight.

The star said she refused to let her husband see the pain he had caused. “I actually I deserve an Oscar for that day that he came home and I asked him if he had an affair. I kept my cool – I was really calm.”

Though she didn’t break down in front of Harvey, the singer said that the situation really hit home later on. “I didn't eat for a few days. I just remember sitting on the floor in my house. You ask those questions: Why? What have I done wrong?”

Alesha also confessed that she almost considered harming herself. “It's not something I would ever do or was even close to doing. I just remember having a feeling when I was driving. I just felt so low in myself that I just thought I wouldn't care if the car crashed.”

Javine and Harvey remained together for three years after the affair was revealed, and have a baby daughter together called Angel.

Despite a difficult few years, Alesha career and personal life are now definitely back on track. She’s had judging roles in both Strictly Come Dancing and Britain’s Got Talent, and last year welcomed a daughter, Azura, with her partner Azuka Ononye. She took to Twitter today to thank her fans and to post an inspiring message: