Shut up! We’re so excited about this news!


If you were a fan of The Princess Diaries then we have some exciting news for you.

It’s just been revealed that the author behind the books will release another instalment, filling us in on what happened to Princess Mia after she joined the Genovian royal family.

Beloved tween author Meg Cabot will publish the newest addition to coincide with the original release date of the very first book back in 1999.

That’s right – it was 15 years and 16 books ago when The Princess Diaries first came into our lives.

Are you feeling old yet?

The 17th book, called Royal Wedding, follows the now-engaged Mia who is fighting an attempt to steal the throne from her family.

Do you think Anne Hathaway will reprise her role or does her Oscar win mean she’s moved on?