Shocking photos of Kendall ‘jumped’ in Paris emerge


From being mobbed outside one of her shows to this, we have to say it looks as if Kendall Jenner is having a very frightening fashion week in Paris!

The young model was out for a stroll with her friend Gigi Hadid when a female fan came running towards her, managing to get past security before jumping on Kendall trying to kiss her. 

Kendall, visibly shocked by the fan, tries to hold her arms to her face while security remove the girl. 

The photos come only days after a video of Kendall almost being trampled by fans outside her Balmain runway show was obtained by TMZ – we have to say it looks as if Kendall’s fame is reaching dizzying heights in France!

As the second youngest member of the Kardashian/Jenner household is well-known in her family as being the ‘shy one’, we’re not so sure this scary part of fame is going down well with Kendall. 

A similar ‘dark side’ to fame was seen yesterday, when a video of Taylor Swift being forced to walk backwards to escape paparazzi was released.