Seven TV characters who love food as much as we do!

We love food. There, we said it.

So of course our most cherished TV characters just happen to be those who adore eating just as much as we do. If Liz Lemon says it's okay, then it's okay!

Here are just a few fictional characters we'd gladly have over for an evening of Doritos, ice cream and other good stuff!

1. Cookie Monster
The original foodie! This Sesame Street star knows a good treat when he sees one.

2. Joey Tribbiani 
"Joey doesn't share food": words any food addict should live by!

An honourary shout-out has to go to Ross Gellar for that Thanksgiving sandwich incident. We'd freak out too!

3. Lorelai and Rory Gilmore
Although they always seem to take one bite before rushing off to work/Chilton/Yale, we do appreciate Lorelai and Rory's intense and unashamed love of tasty, tasty junk food… and coffee.

4. Liz Lemon
Our binge-eating soulmate.

5. Jess from New Girl
Nerdy and a lover of food? This girl needs to be our pal!

6. Robin Scherbatsky from How I Met Your Mother
Forget Lily and Marshall's long-term relationship, Robin knew true love was all about gooood sandwiches.

7. Walt Jr. from Breaking Bad
We never knew anyone could love breakfast as much as we do – but Walter White's son comes pretty close!