Serena Williams’ daughter cheers her mom on to victory at US Open

The 23-time Grand Slam tennis champion, Serena Williams, rose to victory in her latest match against Sloane Stephens, bringing her closer to yet another US Open title.

However, while the stands might have been empty of spectators eagerly watching with bated breath, Serena had her very own mini-me cheerleader in attendance.

Serena’s daughter, three-year-old Olympia, was watching in the stands with her dad, Alexis Ohanian, who was proudly sporting a face-covering with the words ‘Girl Dad’ branded across it. The dad and daughter watched from the sidelines, showing their loving support for Serena as she fought to beat the 2017 US Open champion.


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Alexis posted a video montage to his Instagram account, capturing the moment Olympia adorably waves to her mama, as Serena excitedly waves back to her little girl. The caption read, “Baby Mama”. 

“I hope she saw her mama fighting,” Williams remarked after winning her match. She then jokes, “I don't think she was paying attention between you and me. I think she was playing with some princesses upstairs.”

The mother and daughter were wearing matching hair bobbles on the day — Serena wore red ones to compliment her sleek tennis attire, while her daughter, Olympia, wore a fun combination of pink and yellow hair bobbles to tie back her cute pigtails.


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Although, this isn’t the first time the two have created matching mother and daughter looks. Serena posted an adorable series of photos to her Instagram where her and her toddler, Olympia, are posing on a tennis court in identical purple athletic suits. 

They were also twinning in another post, where the two are wearing matching pink princess dresses. “She’s got my back already. And I’ll always have hers,” the caption read, as the three-year-old is seen zipping up the back of Serena’s dress.


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The US Open is still ongoing, however,  the bond between this mother-daughter duo is strong enough to win our hearts!