Scotland become first country to make period products free for all

Good news in the world of menstruation! Scotland has just become the very first country in the world to make period products free for all.

MSPs voted in Holyrood on the new Sanitary Products Bill today, taking a huge leap towards eradicating period poverty, and becoming an excellent example for other countries to follow suit.

This new bill ensures that free sanitary pads and tampons are available for all who need them, as the country of Scotland will now put aside £9.7M for these products.

This wonderful news comes two years after Scotland decided to grant students free access to period products in 2018.

While originally there was opposition for the bill due to the yearly spending it would cause, Scottish Labour MSP Monica Lennon succeeded to push it through.

“This law will ensure no-one has to go without essential period products,” Monica assured prior to the bill being passed. 

“Legislation is a world-leading opportunity to secure period dignity for all women, girls and people who menstruate.”

“The campaign has been backed by a wide coalition, including trades unions, women's organisations and charities.”

"Thousands of supporters have played a part, including people who shared their experiences of period poverty, and I am grateful to them all,” she added.

As it stands, research shows that 1/10 of girls across the UK, have been unable to afford period products at one point in their lives, with 2/10 girls using a less suitable product because they can't front the cost.

However, thanks to new legislation all women in Scotland now have a legal right to free period products.