Same-sex couples that will restore your faith in mankind


As you know, we're old romantics and proud of it! We'll never tire of looking at couples in love, couples standing up for themselves or couples just being their plain old fabulous selves. So without further ado, here are eight couples who, in the face of adversity, remained strong, good- humoured and most of all, in love.

1) And why should they?

2) Who wouldn't love a couple and a backdrop as fabulous as this?

3) Just yes.

4) One of the first gay couples in New York to marry.

5) Couple stage peaceful protest after a lesbian couple were ejected from a supermarket for kissing in the aisles. 

6) She has a point.

7) Exactly.

8) Looks like it feels a lot happier for these two ladies.

And finally…..