Sally Rooney’s Conversations With Friends to be adapted for TV

Irish writer Sally Rooney has become one of the most celebrated authors of her time since the publication of Conversations With Friends and Normal People. Her books have become staple parts of every bookworm’s collection and we’re not one bit surprised.

Sally writes in such a beautifully honest and raw way that makes you feel like you genuinely know the characters. She has made our hearts ache, left us feeling furious, hopeful and sorrowful with her words, and now her stories are set to be adapted for TV.

It was confirmed by BBC Three this afternoon that Conversations With Friends will be made into a TV series, just like her book Normal People. 

“We are so excited that Sally Rooney’s other phenomenal work, Conversations With Friends will be made into a TV adaptation too.”

The BBC recently dropped a trailer for the TV adaptation of Normal People and viewers can look forward to a truly breathtaking series. Readers fell hopelessly in love with the story about Marianne and Connell, two young adults who move to Dublin from the West of Ireland.

The pair’s complicated love story is one that gripped bookworms all around the world. Rooney’s novel quickly became a New York Times Bestseller and rightly so. The teaser trailer gives viewers a glimpse at Marianne and Connell’s troubled love story as they share glances in the school corridor and find one another again when they start studying at Trinity College Dublin.


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There’s no word on when Conversations With Friends will be released but we can look forward to the Normal People series for now. 

We couldn’t be happier to see Sally Rooney succeed.