Rylan Clark recalls having stroke-like symptoms after marriage split

Rylan Clark has opened up about experiencing stroke-like symptoms, following the breakdown of his marriage.

In July 2021, the former X Factor star confirmed that his marriage to Dan Neal was over, six years after tying the knot. 

The split came as a result of Rylan admitting to his ex-husband that he had previously been unfaithful. Shortly after, Rylan went through a mental health breakdown and had to take several months off from his roles on TV and radio.


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Now, a few years on, Rylan has noted that his divorce had an extreme affect on his physical health, as well as his mentality.

Speaking on the Great Company podcast with former Made In Chelsea star Jamie Laing, the 35-year-old detailed that he was unable to function as normal.

"I lost my speech. I lost my vision for a little bit like it was all really just … it was like having a really bad stroke. It was just so bizarre. And yeah, it took me months to go back to work,” he recalled.


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"I think I was off for like four or five months. And I rarely would have like, four hours off, let alone four months,” Rylan admitted.

The radio presenter then went on to express that he wished he had handled it differently. 

“I needed to do it and I needed to start again, and I needed to reset myself, but the only regret I've got from that is that I wish I'd never stopped and I've just dealt with it in a different way. But I didn't, and then it was out of my control,” he stated.


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Reflecting on his mental health at the time, Rylan continued: “When you stop believing something, you become it. So I was like, 'Well, clearly, I'm mad. Clearly, I'm unwell. Clearly, I'm not right.’”

"I was living with my mum at the time because I didn't want to be in my own house. I didn't want to do nothing. I couldn't be trusted, to be perfectly honest. Yeah, it was bad,” he concluded.