Ryan Gosling revealed a VERY dramatic new look on Wednesday


Ryan Gosling has had to dye his hair black for a new movie role.

The heart throb was spotted in New Orleans on Wednesday without his usual rugged look.

Instead he was sporting a more sophisticated black, short back and sides style.

It must have only been dyed that morning, as he was spotted in LAX the day before with his usual dark blonde hair after taking off his hat and taking down his hood. 

We have to admit, we miss the old Ryan!

Luckily, this change was only for his new movie role as Greg Lippmann in The Big Short. A film based around the 2008 financial crash.

Don’t get us wrong, he still looks gorgeous as ever.

The film also stars Brad Pitt, Beyonce, and Christian Bale.

Okay fiiiine, we’ll watch it…