RTÉ call out singles to apply for their intriguing new dating show

Things are finally starting to heat up on Love Island, giving us a taste of the drama which we’ve come to know and love from this reality dating show over the years.

The recouplings, the pies, the fire pit chats and the whole Casa Amor ordeal — it’s what we crave! 

However, for those of you looking for more of a wholesome and genuine reality dating experience, then perhaps this new show from RTÉ is just what you need.

The Love Experiment is a brand new reality dating show where two total strangers meet, sit down and ask each other a series of questions that scientific studies suggest could see them meet their perfect partner.

Far removed from the world of dating apps and devices, The Love Experiment brings people back to basics as they seek to make authentic human connections.

Even better, applications are now open for members of the public over the age of 18 to put themselves forward for this unique dating experience.

It’s been a long and lonely year for singletons across the country, so why not take a chance and leave your love life in the questionable hands of RTÉ? Check out the application form here.