Rosanna Davison welcomes her former Ukrainian surrogate into Ireland


Former Miss World winner Rosanna Davison has shared some lovely news, as her daughter’s Ukrainian surrogate arrives safely into Ireland.

Taking to social media on Thursday evening, the mum-of-three shared a sweet photo of herself standing beside her daughter’s gestational surrogate, her family and their adorable husky in Dublin airport.

“A good news story,” Rosanna explained in the caption, adding, “on April 25th, after a long and traumatic journey out of Ukraine, my daughter’s gestational surrogate @anastasiia.berezan arrived safely into Ireland with her family.”

Rosanna goes on to say how herself and her husband Wes Quirke “first met this incredibly brave, kind woman in Kyiv in 2019 just before she gave birth to our little girl, Sophia.”

“At the time, we couldn’t even find the words to express our gratitude for giving us our much longed-for baby, so when the war began back in February, we offered her a safe home in Ireland,” she continued.

“She gave us the greatest gift of all and now it was our turn to help her.”

Getting Anastasiia and her family over to Ireland proved to be a lot more difficult and complicated than anticipated, as Rosanna explains, “It took two months to finally escape Kherson City in the south of Ukraine and it was a huge logistical challenge to get them from Poland to Germany and then to Ireland with their husky!”

Rosanna goes on to thank her loving friends and family for helping her and Anastasiia during this time, giving a special shout-out to her parents, Chris and Diane de Burgh.

Rosanna says that her daughter’s gestational surrogate and her family are now settling into their new home in Ireland nicely, as they find their way around. “There’s been so much support in the community for Ukrainian families in Ireland, and they really appreciate all of the kindness. Irish people are truly amazing,” the 38-year-old influencer proudly concluded.