Robin Thicke opens up about his marriage split in latest music video

Robin Thicke is certainly not holding back, as the singer has it made pretty clear that his latest song, Get Her Back,  is about his estranged wife Paula.

His new album is even titled Paula, and if that wasn’t clear enough, his latest music video goes into depth about his relationship with his wife and how he is determined to win her back.

The video opens with an exchange of messages which could easily be applied to the breakdown of Robin and Paula’s marriage.

The emotional exhange reveals that Robin may have a drinking problem as one of the texts was titled that he was “drinking too much”.

While the other messages seemed to refer to the cheating claims surrounding Robin with some messages stating; “you ruined everything”, “you pushed me too far” and “you embarrassed me”.

While it’s pretty brave for Robin to put all of it out there, we wonder what Paula thinks about her husband’s emotional video.