Reality TV star spills the beans on Kelly’s fiancé


Reality TV star Chantelle Houghton has branded Kelly Brook’s fiancé a “liar” and claims he is slowly ruining her reputation.

This isn’t the first time Chantelle has spoken out about Kelly’s relationship with David McIntosh and now she says it’s only a matter of time before she dumps him…again.

The 30-year-old Celebrity Big Brother star has accused the former Gladiator of sending “nasty tweets” to newspaper journalists and said, “I bet Kelly’s delighted that she’s spent years building up a healthy profile, only for him to come along and completely trash it.”

Chantelle said, “David tweeted me again last week calling me a ‘loser’ and denying he’d messaged me several times in 2008.

“But he slipped up and wrote “seven years ago”, which I took as an admission that he did message me. Why would the time be relevant if he didn’t do it at all?!”