Reality star suffers major embarrassment at store launch


Whether hosting or attending, we’ve all been in that awkward situation where we're at an event and tumbleweeds are rolling past for the want of guests.

This is why we really feel for TOWIE star Gemma Collins right now.

It seems that the popular reality star was expecting throngs of fans to turn up for the opening of her boutique in Essex this morning, but she was left bitterly disappointed when only a handful of people turned up for the event.


Indeed, Gemma was shocked to find nobody waiting when she turned up to cut the ribbon, with photos emerging of her boyfriend, Alex Moss, standing guard in front of velvet ropes that held no line.

Thankfully, the day was saved when a TOWIE tour group showed up, much to Gemma’s delight.

To be fair, most people were probably still in bed at 10.30 this morning, so let that be a comfort to you, Gemma.