Radio duo face the wrath of Twitter after THIS ad campaign!


Dermot and Dave have made their move from 98fm to Today FM, so we knew there’d be a few funny ads coming out to tell everyone to tune in – however, Twitter was NOT happy when they saw this one:

People felt the ad, which showed their faces in a bra, was sexist, and they had no qualms about letting the duo know how they felt:

Some people, however, thought it was all a bit of an over-reaction:

A spokesperson for Today FM has also defended the ad, and explained that it's all just a bit of fun: "It’s not meant to be taken so seriously. The ‘Double D’ is obviously a play on a bra cup size and the ‘double d’ that is Dermot and Dave. I think when people tune into Dermot and Dave today, they’ll appreciate that the lads don’t take themselves too seriously either."