Put together killer outfits every day with one simple change


If you find you start every morning thinking "I have nothing to wear," despite having a wardrobe so full you can barely close it, then it may be time to shake things up.

Minimalist style blogger Anuschka Rees from INTO MIND has the perfect solution to disorganised dressing, and she calls it the "method" approach. Put simply, most of us dress and plan our outfits in one of four key ways and if you can identify the process you use the most, it can completely change the way you shop… and the way you look at your wardrobe.

Here is the breakdown of Anuschka's system, plus some tips we've put together on how to make it work for you.

1. The Modular Approach
What it is: Modular dressers generally find they can mix and match most pieces in their wardrobe – that top with this skirt, those jeans with that jacket, that dress with those shoes. Of course, some pieces go together better than others, but for the most part you can throw on whatever's clean and you'll still be happy with how you look.

How to shop: Take a look through your wardrobe and identify any colour schemes you see more than others. Do you wear a lot of blacks and greys for example? Do you choose bold colours over pastels? Work on developing a more honed-down style and make sure the colours in your wardrobe work well together.

2. The Set Outfits Approach
What it is: You generally have a number of go-to outfits made up of pieces that work well together. This can be anything from an entire outfit (eg. jeans, top, accessories, shoes, jacket) to one piece that you know you love wearing with another piece, like those jeans you'd never dream of wearing without your leather belt.

How to shop: First, organise your closet into the "sets" you use most often to make dressing easier. Take a look at the outfits you wear the most, and when you're shopping consider buying seconds or similar pieces, so that if a certain crop top shrinks in the wash, you don't have to ditch the skirt you usually wear with it, too.

3. The Uniform Approach
What it is: While your wardrobe has a good mix of colours and styles, you generally stick to the same basic formula eg. dress, tights and ankle boots, or jeans, tee and blazer.

How to shop: If you can easily still mix and match within your wardrobe, you should find you still have a huge range of potential outfits to choose from. Next time you're shopping, work on defining your "uniform" and choose items that work well within your colour palette.

4. The Neutrals & Statement Pieces Approach
What it is: For you, dressing is all about balance. You'll team a bold sweater with your basic black skinnies, or a plain tee with a vibrant skirt. Of course, everyone's idea of what is a "statement" or a "neutral" piece varies, and it all depends on your own style.

How to shop: Work on having a solid foundation of basic pieces to choose from, like good quality jeans, t-shirts and more. Then you don't have to feel guilty about splashing out on that emoji sweater – you've loads of things to wear it with!

Images via Polyvore