Puff Daddy disses Kim Kardashian while praising ex Jennifer Lopez


With so many celebrity exes trading insults back and forth these days, it’s great to hear Puff Daddy singing the praises of his former girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez.

Puff, real name Sean Combs, described the actress and singer as “that great woman”, and saved his most flattering compliments for her most famous asset – her behind!

Speaking to Access Hollywood this week, the music mogul said: “I’m so lucky to have that great woman in my history, she is one of the greatest I’ve ever seen”, before going on to describe her bottom as “a work of art”!

And while Kanye West previously rapped about wanting to dip Kim’s “trophy” bottom in gold, Combs went on to risk the wrath of the rapper by saying that Kim’s prized asset was in “no way” comparable to that of his ex!

When asked if Kim's famous curves rivalled Jennifer's, he exclaimed: "No way! No way. No disrespect to Kanye and Kim but that thing right there, that thing right there is something special.'

We cannot wait to hear what Kanye has to say about that.

The 44-year-old music mogul went on to praise Jennifer’s work ethic, adding: “She’s a great friend of mine, always will be my friend, and I mean that thing is just incredible, man.”

It just goes to show that a celebrity romance doesn’t have to end in Twitter feuds and slanging matches in the press!