Public should NOT break Covid-19 restrictions on Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is usually a time of celebration, however, this year will be different. The Covid-19 restrictions mean many of us won’t be able to spend this mothering Sunday with our mams or the mother-figures in our life.

It will be difficult and an emotional day for many, but the HSE is urging the public to remember that this is not a day to bend the rules. We must continue to follow the restrictions that have been put in place for the sake of our health and our health care workers.

Paul Reid said: “We can’t be lax on the guidance and the rules we have put in place for a day and it would be misleading of me to give any other impression that we just relax rules for a day for Mother’s Day.

“What we have put in place needs compliance, every minute, every hour, every day,” he said.

We simply cannot make exceptions for special occasions at this time.

To stop the spread of Covid-19, we must work together to prevent it. Social distancing, washing our hands and self-isolating if you have symptoms. Limiting social interactions is also key. This is going to be difficult for many, but social distancing is the key to flattening the curve.