Public Service Announcement: Gin and tonic cupcakes are in Dublin

We love gin and we love cupcakes, so the idea of combining the two is almost overwhelming. 

Gin and tonic cupcakes are the grown-up version of a multi-tiered, rainbow unicorn cake at a kids birthday party, so now that they exist, we're pleased to inform you that they're available to purchase in Dublin. 

Thanks to the baking wizardry of The Cupcake Bloke,  we can get our G&T fix on our lunch break. 

The Cupcake Bloke is currently selling the treats at his stall on Coppinger Row, and posted to Twitter and Instagram to let us all know. 

The stall is there every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but we're not sure we can wait, we may have to stroll down right this instant.

Fingers crossed there's a few left!

Feature image: Instagram/The CupcakeBloke/It'sADublin