Professor Green launches scathing attack on MIC star


We all know that Professor Green doesn’t have any time for Made In Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews, and now things have gotten out of hand following Pro's latest outburst. 

The two came to blows (of the social media kind) when Millie fell out with Spencer on the reality TV show. 

Why did they fall out? Well, it probably had something to do with this:

Spencer then angered Pro Green when he said that he didn’t know how the rapper was putting up with Millie, who he also called a ‘show-pony’, with Green hitting back not long after: “Don’t utter a f***ing word about our engagement – it’s none of your f***ing business.”

However, we also kind of thought that they had agreed to disagree – but not so it would seem.

The rapper was performing in Chelsea when he launched what can only be described as a rather harsh attack on the MIC lothario, saying: “Shall we work out how many of us are friends and how many of us might not actually be friends? Not that I’m prejudiced, it’s just that I used to live around the corner and there are so many fu**ing cu**s here, I find it really difficult. In all fairness, there weren’t that many, there was just one really big cu** called Spencer.”

Ouch. We’re sure Pro Green loves to support and defend his wife, but isn’t it about time to let sleeping dogs lie? Your move, Spencer…